How Does Acupuncture for Migraines Help Decrease Pain?

How Does Acupuncture for Migraines Help Decrease Pain?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of medical treatment in which needles are pinned into the pressure points of the patient’s body. The World health organization has reported having acknowledged acupuncture for migraines as a favorable treatment for pain since 1979. From a modern perspective, it stimulates different systems of the body conducting a healing response.

Presently, two philosophical acupuncture-for-migraine methodologies are known. Conventional Chinese medical acupuncture ideas depict disease and illness as an unsettling influence of QI, a type of energy, within the body. Conversely, Western medical acupuncture is a modern scientific methodology depending on the biological impacts of needling and clinical and lab research.

Acupuncture for migraines

Guide to Acupuncture for Migraines

Migraine is a disorder that usually affects 12% of the US population. It causes severe pain, concentrated on one side of the head, which makes the patient sensitive to light and sound and causes vomiting at times. Meanwhile, people try different medications and methods to decrease the intensity of attacks.

The traditional methods fail to ease migraine pain for most affected patients, so they are anxious to find alternative products or procedures for treatment. Thus, acupuncture for migraines is the only way out for many people. This traditional Chinese treatment restores positive energy through the head by the needles inserted near the nerves at various pressure points. They release hormones, like endorphins, effective in decreasing migraines and other tension headaches. 

As per the knowledge, there are 14 meridians in the body, and triggering needles activates the brain’s pathway that proves to relieve response.

Where Are Acupuncture Needles Inserted to Cure Migraine? 

Fragile needles will be inserted to trigger into the skin to prevent migraines. Depending on the acupuncture style, the needles may be placed in the legs, arms, back, or at times, on the head or face.

How Often Should Patent Get Acupuncture for Migraine? 

The therapy takes about an hour to show results, and the patients are advised to go for at least Six sessions once a week for complete proven treatment.  

The Dietary Changes for Acupuncture 

The acupuncturist may usually suggest a change in diet; for instance, caffeine can worsen migraines and damage the body’s flow. Therefore, they prefer to consume it less or at times not at all. And they suggest eating more oranges, carrots, and brown rice.

What Pressure Points Are Triggered for Migraine? 

The pressure point known as LI-4, usually called Hegu, is found between the base of one’s thumb and index finger. Acupressure, on this part, is proven to relieve pain and headaches.

Acupuncture as a Potential Treatment Option for Migraines

A systematic research review of 22 clinical trials with 4985 people has provided evidence that the acupuncture methods reduce migraine pain, and a 50 to 59 percent drop was received. And the study also showed that a single treatment lasts for about more than six months.

Besides, as with most other treatments, acupuncture patients also experience mixed results. Jane Elliot, a profound BBC journalist who affirmed nothing could cure her migraine, is migraine-free now. Likewise, the American migraine foundation acknowledges that the course of this ancient treatment of six sessions can be a great favor for those people willing to undergo the procedure. However, long-term results for more than a year are not sure and require research. 

Final Words

When the traditional medication has not helped facilitate your headache torment or migraine pain, a significant number of migraine patients are anxious to deal with different strategies for treatment. Along these lines, acupuncture for migraines developed in ancient China and included penetrating explicit body areas with a needle to mitigate pain.

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