Fire Cupping for Muscle Tension and Tightness : Medical management is not only limited to injectable or oral medicines but other forms too e.g acupuncture. This therapy has been typically practiced since ancient times. People usually opt for various forms of acupuncture therapy for their pain relief and general well-being. One of such therapies is cupping therapy which you must have known already. The reason you landed here is pain relief from muscle tightness or better fitness so stick till the very end.

Fire Cupping for Muscle Tension and Tightness

The betterment of blood flow by producing pressure over the skin using cups is called cupping therapy. The improved blood flow in return exerts multiple beneficial effects including resolution of inflammation of muscle fibers. In fire cupping therapy for muscle tension and tightness; the cups are used to create a vacuum through flammable substances and placed over desired areas of the body preferably back. The vacuum sucks the underlying skin; this session typically lasts for three to five minutes. The blood vessels of that body area get stimulated and in return improve the tension or tightness of the muscles and general health.


This procedure is performed by a therapist who usually uses cups made of glass. Five to seven cups are placed over the skin; the therapist may slide the cups around the skin area to maximize the effect.

How It Relieves Muscle Tension and Tightness?

Your skin possesses a supply of different nerves that carry unique sensations towards the brain, and pain is one of those sensations. Fire cupping therapy stimulates the nerves of the skin and improves muscle tension or tightness. These nerves control organs distant from it so, a similar good effect on the other organs supplied these nerves.

Fire cupping therapy is effective against general body aches, headaches, stiff shoulders, and fatigue. Somehow it enhances pain control through the central nervous system. The other important factor in well-being and optimum healing process is improved blood flow. Fire cupping therapy has general and local effects including better healing power against diseases, although other factors have their role too. Check out the treatment here.

Other Benefits

Fire cupping therapy moves the blood, removes pathogens, and eliminates any kind of stagnation from the body. The duration of cupping is an important factor that determines the results. In an addition to muscle tension or tightness, fire cupping therapy may be beneficial to some extent in the following:

  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Diseases of the digestive system
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elimination of pain
  • Emotional condition

Things You Should Know

Fire cupping therapy can be opted by anyone if he/she does not have any serious illness. Some of the things that a patient should have in his mind are:

  • If taking blood thinners then consult your healthcare provider before going through cupping.
  • Avoid cupping during fasting.
  • Avoid the application of cups over eyes or sunburned areas.
  • Cupping is contraindicated in bleeding disorders, cardiac diseases, and varicose veins.
  • It should be avoided in patients with open or infected wounds.

Side Effects

Generally, fire cupping therapy is safe and has no side effects. However, depending on the situation the patient may get minor disturbing effects. But some of them are the following:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Sweating
  • Mild skin bruises
  • Skin pigmentation

All of these possible side effects are minor and go away within a short time.

Fire cupping is a form of acupuncture therapy that is used to treat pain and general well-being. In this therapy, a vacuum is created inside the cup which sucks and stimulates the blood vessels. The benefits in return have a role in relieving muscle tension and tightness. Fire cupping therapy is generally safe for anyone except a few people with bleeding disorders.

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