Covid Side Effects and Acupunture

Covid Side Effects and Acupunture


Covid Side Effects and Acupunture: Currently, there is no single drug or vaccine that can cure the COVID-19 completely. Since the eruption, COVID has affected almost every individual in some way. The majority of the people recover within a few weeks after COVID-19 illness(typically 2 to 6 weeks). They recover and return to their normal healthy routine without any complications. But the concerning point is that some patients have to face some health problems after 4 or more weeks of COVID recovery. Post-COVID effects may be new, reoccurring, or exacerbation of previous health problems. These conditions can present in a variety of symptoms. This post COVID condition is called long COVID, chronic COVID, or long-haul COVID.

Therefore, the search for effective therapy is an urgent task.

Hair Loss As a Covid Side Effect

Many patients have reported hair loss after suffering from the delta variant of COVID-19. COVID illness is associated with fever; it results in hair shedding in the recovery period. This condition is termed TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM.

But physical and emotional stress may be linked with hair loss.

Other Side Effects Of Covid-19

Patients present with new symptoms that last for months. Previously diseased patients most commonly suffer from post-COVID effects, although anyone can develop these symptoms. Side effects of COVID are more common in elderly and comorbid patients. But young and healthy people may experience lingering COVID symptoms too.  According to WHO, post COVID condition is ” A symptom or group of symptoms occurring in a patient with probable/confirmed SARS CoV-2 infection usually after 3 months and can’t be explained by another diagnosis.”

The most common symptoms associated with COVID side effects are:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of memory
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Generalized body weakness
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations
  • Body pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of smell
  • Persistent cough
  • Abnormal GIT functioning

Those patients who suffered from critical COVID and were hospitalized; may face serious health issues, although less common. These may be:

  • Inflammatory heart disease
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Hematological conditions
  • Lung function disturbances

Experiencing COVID is stressful; patients are likely to develop post-traumatic stress syndrome. No one can predict the side effects of COVID therefore, the recommendation is to adopt healthy options and eatables. They help a patient to cope with the side effects of COVID-19 e.g acupuncture techniques may help to reduce the pain.

Covid Side Effects and Acupunture

Covid Side Effects and Acupunture: Research is ongoing about the side effects of COVID-19 over time. We hope that vaccines and herd immunity will provide us with a remedy for the side effects of COVID. Close monitoring and guidance of patients regarding side effects of COVID are crucial to reducing the long COVID burden. Some studies have shown that acupuncture techniques modulate the immune system and give anti-inflammatory effects. It increases the body’s ability to fight infections. Acupuncture also reduces chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. This reverts hair loss ultimately.

The main purpose should be to boost immunity against COVID-19, acupuncture does that. Acupuncture, based on traditional models, will help to cope with side-effects of COVID by increasing self-healing power. This technique not only boosts immunity but has anti-inflammatory effects also.

Data regarding the effects of acupuncture on long COVID is being collected but promising results are being observed in clinical trials. Fatigue, nausea, muscle pain, and digestive system are the symptoms that respond to acupuncture.

In one case report, it was found out that acupuncture resulted in anti-inflammatory, stress relief and soothing effects in COVID patients. And daily acupunctures even resulted in more stable results.

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