Acupuncture for sports injuries

Acupuncture for sports injuries

Acupuncture for sports injuries has enlisted among the speedily acquired allied health therapy in the Western world.  Acupuncture is one of the world-renowned and effective procedures out of other cumulative therapies squeezed from traditional Chinese Medicine. The soul of traditional Chinese Medicine revolves around acupuncture that inhibits one of the prime representatives of alternative and complementary medicinal procedures in sports. The history of sports injury is as old as the origin of games on this planet. The first-ever medicinal treatment of sports developed back in 1911 in Germany. The regime of sports injuries treatment has backed up with productive and beneficial results by the utilization of acupuncture practices. Acupuncture has considered one of the most reliable methods to cure sports injuries with effective results. The therapeutic strategies adopted to treat sports injuries, it’s crucial to consider the patient’s background. There are various factors including the nature of the injury, category of sports, routine training of sportsmen, and also whether the sportsman belongs to recreational or professional type of sports.


Acupuncture for sports injuries is the premium method encompassing the therapeutic treatment that is far away from pharmaceutical drug therapies. The method of acupuncture for sports injuries has interlinked with various pressure points that trigger the release of healing agents and acts as a pain killer, particularly for the musculoskeletal system.


The approach of acupuncture procedure has a stalwart connection with the autonomic nervous system and our brain. On the other hand, the localized effect at the acupuncture site also stimulates in recovering from the injuries due to gaming. Body aches, cramps, back pain, and radiating pains from your muscles and joints, all these issues can be solved by acupuncture.

The foundation of traditional Chinese medicine has revealed that acupuncture for sports injuries works by causing the release of various advantageous hormones and neurotransmitters. Furthermore, the strategy of acupuncture has hidden in the secret to stimulate the activation of receptors by inserting thin needles at various trigger point on the body. It all happens due to acupuncture needles that revitalize the surge of chemicals compulsory to promote the healing process. Whether the athlete suffers from internal or external sports injuries, acupuncture will act as an accelerating agent in rehabilitating the athletes towards their sports work. Acupuncture has found effective in preventing sports injuries by reducing inflammation and by modulating pain, an athlete start returning towards loading its body and fast recovery from injury.


Certainly, acupuncture will furnish the athletes or any casual man with supreme adjunct therapy for relieving pain, inflammation and also to revive back to their athletic spirit. When your muscles has ached or spasm occurs, it co-relates with heavy muscle activity, extreme stretching, and straining your body without proper warm up session. All these factors collectively increases the aches in your body. The expectation of athlete or any sportsmen looking forward to prevent their concerned sports injury with acupuncture will get benefited if they contact a professional acupuncturist for the process. A colossal number of sports professionals and athletes are heading towards acupuncture for managing and preventing the sports injuries. It has also claimed by many experienced and qualified physiotherapist, osteopaths and many other doctors that acupuncture has proved to be reliable method in healing the joints trauma and repairing the soft tissues.

A range of sports injuries are treatable by implementing the regime of acupuncture. Some of them have mentioned below:

  • Injuries related to rotating cuff joints.
  • Rib cage injury, traumatized discs and other spinal injuries.
  • Injury of facet joint is also treatable.
  • Muscles ailments, including the spasm, strain, bruising or hematoma are treatable by acupuncture.


The bridge between the numbers of treatments you required, terminates at the rate of your improvement from acupuncture. It has acclaimed by some of the extremely experienced acupuncturist that on an average, bone issues including the back pain, disc slip or trauma, requires six to seven treatments. Some it purely relies on many other factors including the age of sportsmen, nature of injury, capacity of healing, recovery rate. While short-term pains or dysfunction of minimal invasive joints requires less number of treatments to get back their original form. Well, each session of acupuncture at least takes 30 to 60 minutes, where the needle retention time prolongs for approximately 15 mints.


Acupuncture for sports injuries and also for other purposes has played pivotal role in imparting some potential benefits to the concerned individuals. The mentioned benefits of acupuncture will reveal the solid reason that will compel you to opt for this traditional method of treatment.

  • Stimulating the trigger points:

One of the most iconic effect that acupuncture imposes on the body of athletes while needling procedure is relieving the areas of muscles undergone tightness. The insertion of acupuncture needles at that site stimulates the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and blood that help in relieving the pain.  

  • It assists in alleviating the pain
  • A core method for reducing inflammation by initiating the natural anti-inflammatory response.

Final Words

Acupuncture has referred as the productive methods in preventing the sports injuries by provision of accurate stimulus to trigger the natural healing mechanisms.

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