Acupuncture For Anxiety

Acupuncture For Anxiety

Acupuncture For Anxiety: The recent decades have shown an increasing number of patients with anxiety, stress, and other psychiatric illnesses due to competitive lifestyles. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues and are frequently associated with complications. Anxiety and stress levels are skyrocketing day by day in every profession. Medical experts believe that anxiety and stress are the roots of all health problems thereby anxiety relief becomes necessary. Data shows that more than 40 million people are facing anxiety-related symptoms in the United States.

Anxiety relief management can sometimes be tricky because its treatment requires long-term therapy. Long-term anxiety medication may cause serious side effects and adherence problems. Therefore a shorter but effective treatment option may outweigh the medical risks. “Acupuncture for anxiety relief’’ can be beneficial compared with the risk-to-benefit ratio of medical therapy.

Acupuncture has plenty of advantages, some are proven and some are in the research process. But in this article benefits and information regarding anxiety relief are focused on.

Acupuncture For Anxiety Relief

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture for anxiety relief is an ancient form of medicine that has been in practice for a long time by our forefathers. Acupuncture for anxiety relief includes the insertion of small and thin needles at different strategic points of the body. The insertion of tiny needles stimulates the body to release multiple hormones and chemicals to relieve anxiety. Acupuncture is thought to restore the energy flow between these strategic points of the body.

Acupuncture for anxiety relief improves muscle aches, and fatigue raises the pain threshold, and corrects the sleep-wake cycle. All these changes induced by acupuncture help the body perform at an optimum level. Different studies and researches show that acupuncture for anxiety relief is safe and effective. Sometimes, patients can’t take oral pills due to their side effects or any disability, so acupuncture for anxiety relief can be beneficial for them.

Several studies show the importance of acupuncture for stress relief and help in treating anxiety disorders. One study was conducted on people with anxiety disorders. They didn’t respond with traditional options and went through acupuncture sessions for a few weeks. And results suggested a reduction in anxiety symptoms.

Prerequisites Of Acupuncture For Anxiety Relief

  • Anyone can opt for acupuncture for anxiety relief as long as the allowed age is mentioned by the state.
  • The acupuncturist will first guide and advise about the acupuncture procedure, duration, and any precautions, and ask some questions regarding the previous history.
  • One session of acupuncture for anxiety relief will take around 30 to 40 minutes.
  • One may need multiple sessions of acupuncture for anxiety relief to get optimal results. This may be a downside of acupuncture for some people.

Risks of Acupuncture Therapy

There are not many side effects or contraindications of acupuncture for anxiety relief, here are a few:

  • If the person is having any blood-related disorders e.g deep vein thrombosis.
  • If a person or patient is taking drugs to reduce blood viscosity.
  • Any patient/individual with pacemakers installed or any other metallic implant.
  • Patients with decreased immunity must consult with their healthcare providers.
  • Diabetics patients may have delayed wound healing, they must consult their diabetologist before going through acupuncture for anxiety relief.

The bottom line is anxiety and stress are skyrocketing day by day due to competitive lifestyles. Medical management of anxiety is costly and may result in side effects. Acupuncture for anxiety relief is the best alternative for individuals who avoid pills and lengthy treatments. Acupuncture for anxiety relief is cheap, cost-effective, and has fewer contraindications. You can avail of acupuncture services from our certified acupuncturists for anxiety and stress management at Peak Life Acupuncture (818) 823-6721 .

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