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Benita Saf

A lifetime of fascination with the body’s ability to heal when provided the correct food and environment, Benita sought out education in multiple healing modalities.  She is licensed with California Board of Acupuncture, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in biology from University of California, San Diego; and a Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University of TCM and Acupuncture.  There she began her internship at Yo San University Clinic treating patients with various health conditions.  Shortly after graduation, she obtained her California Board License and started working as licensed acupuncturist.  However, following her education in Raphaology Medicine, Benita became a certified practitioner where she applies a vast knowledge of nutrition, herbs, body and food interaction and how to facilitate self-healing. 

Currently Benita is studying to specialize in women’s health and infertility to obtain a doctorate degree in oriental medicine from Yo San University.

Combining her self-healing experiences with academia, Benita founded Peak Life Acupuncture. Using her extensive knowledge and experience in her practice at Peak Life Acupuncture, Benita guides and educates her patients to achieve optimum health while incorporating “Peak Frequency Foods” in their daily diet. 

It is her vision to educate her patients about the importance of diet rich in nutrients to combat any ailments they may experience and enjoy a life free of disease and pain.

Peak Frequency foods have the highest enzymatic content to ease digestive disorders that lead to dis-ease; in this vein, combining food and herbs with acupuncture techniques, she aims to balance the body and treat any symptoms and issues her patients may have.

She provides a professional and safe healing environment for patients to address their health issues and enjoy calming and de-stressing acupuncture sessions. Her patients leave each session with many benefits, gaining information about nutrition, guided meditation, deep breathing, and minor lifestyle changes to heal their body and rid their body of symptomatic ailments.

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